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ME 338: Continuum Mechanics

Introduction to vectors and tensors: kinematics, deformation, forces, and stress concept of continua; balance principles; aspects of objectivity; hyperelastic materials; thermodynamics of materials; variational principles.

ME 303: Soft Composites and Soft Robotics

Fundamentals of soft materials and soft composites in the aspects of mechanical characterization, polymer physics, mechanics, finite-element-analysis of large deformation, and advanced material fabrication including different 3D printing technologies. Stimuli-responsive soft composites for soft robotics and shape-morphing structures will be introduced. Examples such as material systems that respond to magnetic field, electrical field, pneumatic pressure, light, and heat will be discussed.

ME 80: Mechanics of Materials

Mechanics of materials and deformation of structural members. Topics include stress and deformation analysis under axial loading, torsion and bending, column buckling and pressure vessels. Introduction to stress transformation and multiaxial loading.