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ME PhD student position 

The Soft Intelligent Materials (SIM) Laboratory invites outstanding and highly self-motivated students to apply for PhD or Master program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. Candidates with a strong background in solid mechanics or material synthesis are particularly encouraged to apply. 
Interested candidates should contact Prof. Ruike Zhao directly at with a personal statement and a complete curriculum vitae. 

ME PhD postdoc position

A postdoctoral position is immediately available in the SIM Lab (Director: Dr. Ruike (Renee) Zhao) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. The research at SIM Lab focuses on the fundamental understanding and development of soft intelligent material systems. The SIM Lab has expertise in finite element analysis, mechanics-guided material and structural design, and advanced manufacturing of functional soft composites. The objective of the research is to provide guidance to develop advanced materials and structures for innovative functional devices and systems. By utilizing analytical, numerical and experimental tools, the SIM Lab studies the functional responses of the intelligent materials that are subject to external stimuli such as stress, temperature, chemical, electric or magnetic fields. Applications include soft actuators, soft robotics, flexible electronics, tissue engineering, biomedical engineering, and sustainable energy.

The successful candidate should be self-motivated, independent, collaborative, and excellent in communication skills. A Ph.D. in Solid Mechanics or related disciplinary is required. Experience in the following areas is preferred:

Finite element-based simulations for coupled multiphysics problems, such as fluid-structure interactions, material responses due to chemical and thermal stimuli.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Mechanism design for sensors, actuators, and soft robots

The initial appointment is one year but can be renewed depending on the funding and the performance. To apply, please submit a cover letter, current curriculum vitae, and the contact information of three references.